Youth Ministry

Faith Formation for youth in grades 6-12 happens in three subgroups. Below, you will find details on our Middle School and High School formation programs, including class schedules.

  • Middle schoolers in grades 6-8 meet as one group. They gather twice monthly in the Adult Formation Room from 9 -10:15 am.
  • High Schoolers in grades 9-10 meet as one group. They gather twice monthly in the Adult Formation Room from 9-10:15am. 
  • High Schoolers in grades 11-12 are encouraged to journey through the sacramental preparation for Confirmation. Please note that this is a separate registration. 

Family formation is key to a successful formation, we encourage families to attend the 4 sessions hosted throughout the catechetical year. The dates for 2023-24 are: 

  • Wednesday, November 1st - 5:30 pm (All Saints Day) *mass will be at 7 pm
  • Sunday, January 7th - 9 am (Epiphany)
  • Sunday, March 24th - 10:30 am (Holy Week)
  • Monday, April 22nd - TBD (Earth Day)

Comprehensive youth ministry involves more than prayerful catechesis sessions. We hope to offer middle school and high school day retreats, social and service activities this catechetical season. In addition, there are plans to take youth on a 2024 mission trip. 

Questions? Want to share your time, talent, or treasure with this ministry?

Contact Margaret Lee (414-453-1061 x 123, Minister for Faith Formation.

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St. Sebastian & St. Catherine’s joint youth ministry program currently serves families with young people in grades 6-12. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive program that will empower them with an intellectual and relational understanding of Catholic discipleship, with the goal of helping teens have an intentional spirituality that grows their personal and communal relationship with God. Our parishes encourage ALL youth to participate in the catechesis program. We hope families take advantage of the ongoing faith formation through which adolescents and their families can live out their baptismal call within the life of the Church.

    • DISCIPLESHIP: to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
    • CONNECTION: to draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community.
    • GIFTS AND GROWTH: to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

    A comprehensive approach to these ministries employs eight components: Evangelization, Community Life, Justice & Service, Prayer & Worship, Leadership Development, Catechesis, Advocacy, and Pastoral Care. These components guide our efforts in proclaiming the Good News and living out the Mission to be the Body of Christ. When our ministry to youth and their families incorporates all eight of these components, we are effectively reaching the 3 Goals of Comprehensive Ministry.  

    September through May, we offer catechetical sessions for middle schoolers and high schoolers, as well as family formation sessions. In addition, as we look to expand the program, we are hoping to provide social and service activities, along with an annual retreat for both the middle school and high school groups.  

    We strive to offer faith formation, as an extension of formation happening within family. The vision of our formation program is that every family in the parish would attend the four family sessions that happen during the catechetical year. Each family program involves a fun activity, sharing in community, take-home resources for continued family engagement and learning.

  • The Middle School Youth Ministry for St. Catherine and St. Sebastian Parishes is focused on helping students in grades 6-8 grow intellectually in their faith. Catechesis for this age will be based on helping the youth understand the two foundations of all Catholic teachings, scripture and tradition.

    2023-24 Middle School Program Information

  • High School Youth Ministry for St. Catherine and St. Sebastian Parishes is focused on helping students in grades 9-10 grow spiritually in their faith. Through catechesis, participation in mass, socializing and community engagement, we strive to provide opportunities for young people to encounter and serve Jesus Christ. High School ministry will focus on teaching young people concrete ways to live out their faith, while guiding them to an understanding of how God is present in all things. We are committed to fostering a sense of self, by encouraging them to cultivate a personal relationship with God.

    2023-24 High School Program Information