Youth Ministry

  • Faith Formation classes are held in two age groups, grades 6-8 and 9-10.
    • Middle school students meet one Sunday morning and one Sunday evening with the high school students.
    • High school students meet two Sunday evenings and serve as readers, cantors and ushers at 6 p.m. Mass, eat a light meal and attend class.
  • We provide our youth with programs and activities all year long which provide fun and faith, including game nights, retreats, movie discussions and open gyms.
  • Service outings are offered throughout the year, including serving at the St. Vincent de Paul Meal Program, volunteering at parish events and offering a child care event during Advent.
  • All students are expected to volunteer and write a reflection.

Questions? Contact Margaret Lee (414-453-1061 x 123, Minister for Faith Formation.


Students are generally juniors in high school or older and meet every other Sunday evening to focus on the meaning and call of this sacrament. Click here for Confirmation information.

Youth Minstry Approach

    • To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
    • To draw out young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.
    • To foster the total personal spiritual growth of each young person.
  • Eight Components of Youth Ministry

    • Advocacy – As a Church, we need to stand up for youth, especially those who are voiceless and powerless in our society. We are challenged to use our resources to build a society more respectful of the life, dignity and rights of adolescents and their families.
    • Catechesis – Learning how to connect the Bible and Church Tradition with real life helps young people deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and other members of the Christian community. Personal learning and faith formation should continue throughout each person’s life
    • Community Life – No one in the church can stand alone, each person is called to connect her or his life to the Body of Christ. Community life works to build an environment of love, support and mutual encouragement. It is the role of youth ministry to call young people to their rightful place as full members of the community.
    • Evangelization – Evangelization means bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into every human situation. Young people must be invited to live as disciples.
    • Justice and Peace – Our faith calls us to work for justice: to serve those in need; to pursue peace; and defend life, dignity, and rights of all our sisters and brothers. This is the call of Jesus, the urging of the Spirit, the challenge of the prophets, and the living tradition of the Church.
    • Leadership Development – Every person is graced with certain gifts and talents. It is the role of youth ministry to help young people gain the skills to make the most of their God-given gifts for the service of the human community.
    • Pastoral Care – At the heart pastoral care is a ministry of compassion. As young people face life decisions and make moral choices they need loving adults who will walk with them. It is the role of youth ministry to make available the resources needed to help young people move toward wholeness.
    • Prayer and Worship – Young people are searching for ways to experience God. It is Baptism which opens the door to full participation in the prayer life of the parish; as members of the assembly, as liturgical ministers and as ministers of the Word and Eucharist to each other.