Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...

Dec. 24            Saturday Christmas Eve Masses

                                    4pm St. Sebastian –Family Mass (Fr. Peter Patrick Kimani)

                                    4pm St. Catherine (Fr. Larry Chapman)

                                    10:30pm St. Sebastian (Fr. Peter Patrick Kimani)

                                                (Choir starts at 10:00p)


Dec. 25            Sunday Christmas Day Masses

                                    8:00 am St. Sebastian (Fr. Peter Patrick Kimani)

                                    10:00am St. Catherine (Fr. Peter Patrick Kimani)

                                    10:30am St. Sebastian (Fr. Larry Chapman)

                                     (No 6pm mass at St. Sebastian today)



No tickets are required for any Masses this year.

Mask-wearing is optional.

Seating IS available for those who wish to wear masks and maintain social distancing.